Removing 碎片 left by construction work can be tedious 和 time-consuming. Renovation 和 construction work can cause the house to be dirty 和 messy. All of this dust, 碎片, sawdust, 和 plaster stains can be a frustrating sight. All these need to be cleaned with care to avoid disease 和 even injuries. 这就是我们在这里支持你的原因. 那么使用我们的清洁服务有什么好处呢?


Either is a building post-construction or a post-renovation of your small bathroom we are here to help you. 没有灰尘没有浪费你的时间.


We have a team of well-trained professionals with great attention to detail. 如果有时间的话,那就是现在. Fixing the mess left behind by construction workers is a specialized task. 我们的团队在这方面有经验. It is a team of well-behaved people 和 established business habits ready to help you. We have professional cleaning equipment for any commercial or residential building. Our team affiliates are well qualified 和 trained with the appropriate experience to h和le the post-construction cleaning task.

We also have enough workforce to h和le the cleanup project because the area can be large, 你想尽快清理这片区域. We also pay attention to the type of materials that you have used in your construction 和 the cleaning chemical that we use. 在任何时候, we ensure that we use-friendly 和 harmless chemicals that will not affect the beauty of your house.



Several nations may inflict different laws on post-construction cleanup. But you may find some deceptions in the government as builders or reformers get adequately involved in escaping the thorough cleaning of their clients. This is especially true when the full payment for the job is settled. 你就不用花钱雇我们了.

Our team of cleaning experts comes with the latest cleaning kits to quickly clean dust, dirt 和 grime from the building before applying or installing furniture 和 furnishings. We make sure to wash the walls before painting because the presence of dust or dirt will not allow the best paint to remain for long.

We also underst和 that floors should be washed 和 polished before applying rugs. 在挂窗帘之前,窗户必须先擦干净. 在安装装饰灯之前,天花板必须清洁. Interior decoration cannot be carried out if the building is not entirely cleaned after masonry or renovation. For this purpose, our team is always ready to make sure that your home is clean at all times.


After completing the construction project, we present an orderly process. We guarantee that the buildings are loveable 和, in some cases, ready for interior decoration. The post-builders deal is labor-intensive, 和 that is why we do the following activities for you:

  • 清扫并擦拭表面
  • 清理天花板管道、风管
  • 清洁照明配件
  • 厨房和浴室消毒
  • 抛光的表面.


There are three stages or general stages to construction site cleanup services. There is an initial cleanup plan, regular site cleanup, 和 post-construction cleanups. At each stage, a certain degree of cleaning is facilitated with specific tasks 和 routines. These routine procedures increase the security level of the site 和 also allow better functionality 和 access to the rest of the construction schedule.


First construction cleanup activities are required once the ownership framework is finished. When the electrician 和 plumbers s are done with their share of the new construction, 开始初步清洗. 在这个步骤中, we remove the gauges from the windows 和 remove them from all major machines, 碎片, 和碎片. 我们还提供全方位的服务和深度扫描. 在这一点上,我们摆脱不必要的浪费. 当所有这些职责都完成后, 该场地已做好进一步准备和建设的准备, 如地板, 绘画设施, 固定装置, 和保险箱.


At this point, our cleaning team will facilitate a more detailed 和 focused cleaning degree. This includes a meticulous 和 thorough cleaning of areas such as restrooms, 厕所, 汇, 淋浴, 厕所, 保险箱, 货架上, 和工作台面. 从门把手到窗台,每一平方英寸都受到监控. Stable dust, 碎片, dirt are thoroughly cleaned, 和 all areas are thoroughly cleaned. This step should always be completed before the property contractor’s final exam.


在施工清理的最后阶段, our staff goes through a bucket list once all construction work is complete. This includes all the cleaning details to make the property ideal for viewing or large openings. 穿孔清单包括填缝, 抛光, 密封, 权力洗, 检查白手套. 这是完成属性之前的最后一个也是最后一个步骤.


Our experts will design a customized maintenance plan tailored to your needs 和 keep your building looking like new. We will assist you in getting the best answer for your property needs. 我们有充分的许可, 连接, 和 insured; we have experienced staff who have received advanced training in the use of all specific equipment with the latest technology available. Our management is committed to building a trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Our whole staff goes a thorough background check so that you can be assured not only of the quality of office cleaning 和 cleaning but also of superior customer service. We have a 24/7 customer service number 和 will address your concerns day or night. 最重要的是, we have spent many years building strong business relationships with a superior record in customer service. 我们的团队注重细节, 他们受到严密的监督, 满足最后期限, 他们回应我们客户的需求. Our goal is always to make your office cleaning service 和 commercial cleaning service excellent for you at all times. We always do go for our best to give our customers personalized service. Thus, if you need the best services, we are ready 和 here for you. 欢迎在船上!